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School Philosophy

The educational philosophy of Clairmont Community School identifies the purpose of education as being the education of the whole child, including the mental (intellectual), physical, emotional and social aspects of the child.  The purpose of education should be to provide all students with experiences and instruction, which will permit them to acquire skills, information and feelings of self-confidence and self-worth.

Through a balance of all the elements of education, we strive to provide our students with the means to achieve and succeed, preparing them to make an effective contribution to society.

Through knowledge of the strategies of instruction and with sensitivity to, and caring for, the needs of the child, we strive to treat each student as an individual.  We strive to practice and to instill in our students’ respect for others, respect for the environment, tolerance and respect for individual beliefs.

Understanding that students are individuals with a variety of needs and abilities, we strive to provide a variety of learning situations in order that every child may reach the highest goals of which he or she is capable.

In all our dealings with our students we will strive for consistency in our expectations, in discipline, and in providing a secure and stable environment.  Understanding that making errors is part of the learning process, we will strive to provide an environment in which the child does not fear to risk and an environment in which learning is made enjoyable.

It is our belief, too, that students must take an active part in their own learning.  Part of that learning must include guidance in the differences between privileges, rights and responsibilities and how they are inter-related both in society and within our school and how they affect the relationships of the individual on the whole.

Of greater importance is the maintenance of open communication between the school, the parents and the community.  We will continually strive to seek ways in which this communication may be enhanced.

The successful education of our children is a joint responsibility between parents, students and teachers.  Without mutual support the process of education is severely impeded.